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Your Guide to Working Out When It’s Way Too Hot

“As long as you're paying attention to your body's needs during your workout and being a little bit more gentle with yourself, no fitness routine is off limits, Zellner says. "Be conscious of what your body is telling you."


Net A Porter

The Pegan Diet: What You Need To Know

“The pegan diet takes the best of the paleo and vegan worlds,” says Erica Zellner, a health coach at primary care start-up Parsley Health. Think of pegan as a much more plant-forward version of the paleo approach.”

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Are Muffins a Health Food Now or Is That Just Another Scam?

“Gluten-free tells you that they are using a flour option that does not contain glutinous grains, which is great if you’re sensitive to gluten but does not automatically make it a healthy option,” she said. Sugar-free labels always give me pause as a nutritionist, because I’m very cautious about what they’re replacing the sugar with.”